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Why does my boyfriend still look up his ex

By Katie Strick For Mailonline. He may say he's over her, but how can you tell the difference between a new boyfriend who is coping healthily with his previous partner and one who is still influenced by her? London-based Manj Weerasekera, aka ' The Fresh Start Guy ', the coach for divorced men, has put together a point guide to work out whether he's still hung up on his ex. Scroll down for video. Manj said: 'All of us have a few proverbial skeletons in the closet when it comes to love so we can all understand that men may need time to get over previous wives and partners. Here Manj, who specialises in working with people looking for love after the break-up of a long term relationship, reveals the warning signs that you're not the only woman on his mind:.

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The 10 signs that reveal if his ex is still on his mind

Mentally prepare yourself to part ways. You shouldn't have to compromise your self-esteem and sacrifice a level of happiness and harmony in a relationship because of him. Leave him by himself to instagram-stalk his taken ex who is enjoying another man's cock. I wish I saw this when I spoke to him about it a few minutes ago. I'll bring it up in person tomorrow that it's diminishing my pride as his girlfriend to know that he keeps looking her up enough for her to be a top person always on his mind.

Really urks me. I'm his longest relationship. They dated for a little while. But it's like, why the hell now do you want to look her up? I feel like they're talking because her username has to do with a ninja and there's someone named chan in his phone who does indeed text him early in the am and late at night so.. I don't think that's related but I still brought it up jokingly. He calls me the perfect girlfriend, I'm laid back, I'm chill, I don't have any friends so he's all I have and talk to, I'm trying to better him and myself but this really got to me cause it's like, I don't do that?

I did block her on his instagram though so I had to click her so that probably added to the being a top person. He needs to let the past go. It almost sounds like whatever he has going on his bordering on emotional cheating. That is completely unacceptable. If he truly believes you are so perfect, laid back, and chill then he needs to stop doing idiotic, disrespectful chit that may push you into the arms of a better man.

You cannot better him, love. You can inspire him to be better but when it comes to the betterment of himself, he is the only one who can accomplish that. By trying, you are just going to become burnt out and frustrated. He said he used to really really like her. Totally have to be talking to her right?

I've prepared myself for a while. We have some misunderstandings a lot so I'm honestly not going to fight for him if he says goodbye over a misunderstanding because he takes the easy way out of an argument by threatening to break up. He's bipolar.. I'd rather him look up his more recent ex than someone a long time ago.

And he thought it was rude of me to ask "Would you break up with me for her if she got out of that relationship. Why would you want to know that? You are going to have to stop beating around the bush and be direct with him.

Stop having these conversations amongst yourself and directly bring them to his attention. Tell him that what he's doing seems to be bordering on emotionally cheating. I know an additional layer of stress may be added if you don't have any other friends but you may just have to be strong and weather a bit of loneliness in order to make it to peace of mind.

Being alone for a bit is worth not being with him if he's going to potentially cheat on you at least emotionally and disrespect your feelings. He is not treating you the way a man should treat a woman he claims to greatly care for. I knew it was emotional cheating. He doesn't remember that he gave me his passwords a long time ago so I couldn't really explain how I knew he was visiting her page all of the time.

But I'm definitely bringing this up tomorrow. I know his tells. And if it's not settled tomorrow, I'm done. I can't even deal. He and I made clear to each other before that we're going to be honest, we can be free to do our own thing but staying faithful is huge to us To me, it's my number one.

Stay faithful, or stay single. Tell him. You have nothing to be ashamed of. You have every single right to know exactly what type of situation you are investing your time and emotions into. The fact that you used his passwords is not the point; the point is what he's been doing behind your back. If he tries to derail the focus from the fact that he's wrong onto what you did, then he's emotionally immature and being manipulative.

Tha'ts the spirit; "Stay faithful or stay single" That should be your mantra. Listen to me: You deserve to make an informed choice about precisely what type of man you are committing yourself to. If he is not going to be man enough to be open and honest about what he's about, then you'll have to do some investigating and digging for yourself because this is your life and you deserve to live it free from someone else's messy bullshit.

Pretty much. I'm not upset about that anymore. I know I deserve better. Even though we patched things up about it and he probably only viewed her page once He's with my like 3 or 4 times a week or he's at home or the gym.. I said exactly what you said. That it diminishes my pride as a girlfriend to know that some other chick is constantly on his mind. I don't remember what he said but I know we did agree that an ex is an ex for a reason and it should stay that way and that if he's emotionally attached to her still or have any feelings for her or would crawl back to her in a heartbeat, that we should breakup.

And here we are. Still together. Even yesterday he said I deserve better because he can't take me out to nice restaurants all the time and drive me around and give me everything I want. But yes, I'm feeling better. Basically I just asked him about it because I don't hold things in I say it calmly now.

He didn't give me a straight answer but he said he really really liked her but they broke up because she was drinking and started hanging with the wrong crowd but it's like, so I know he's probably curious I mean, I called out to him that she's in a relationship and that I don't like that he'd be looking her up on all these platforms.

It's stalkerish and leaves me thinking he's waiting for her to get out of that relationship. You know? The only opinion from guys was selected the Most Helpful Opinion, but you can still contribute by sharing an opinion! Guy's Behavior. My boyfriend of a year and so, asked me when after a few months of dating to block a huge list of girls he used to date.

One of them he was still friends with at the time and I recently realized this. Lately, and as I see on his instagram, he looks her up more than me.. Literally she's a top person and it's a wtf because this only revently appeared. She's in a relationship.

But he keeps looking her up and he even told me guys and girls can't be friends. So, I know it's not that. But, he said they had trance music in common and of course we don't and trance is huge for him.

I want to confront him because it does bother me. He hides his phone from me. I feel like he's hiding something.

I asked him about it once and he said, "you jealous? You dated her? You said, hypocrite, that guys and girls can't be friends and you dated her! You also said ex's can't be friends. I don't want to be a second choice you know? I need someone's opinion. Share Facebook. Why does my boyfriend still look up his ex on instagram? Add Opinion. Esplorare Yoda. This is one good reason why it's best in the long run to delete your ex from social media after the break-up.

There is literately no necessary reason in order to remain invited and included into any environment of theirs after there's a permanent separation. Sometimes when it comes to relationships, you have to stop being nice and start keeping it real.

Stop worrying about tip-toeing around his feelings and call the situation for what it is. It is disrespectful and outright inconsiderate for him to be doing that. It's demeaning to you, as the new woman in his life, and it diminishes pride. If he's that kind of boyfriend, then you're better off without him waiting for a man who can upstage this mess he's making. Don't try to lie to yourself about those facts and do not try to pretend that this isn't the beginning of a massive sinkhole in your relationship because it is.

No self-respecting woman wants to be compared to her boyfriend's ex on a daily basis nor does she want to know that another woman is occupying space on her boyfriend's mind more than she is.

Are You Obsessed With Your Partner’s Ex?

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Mentally prepare yourself to part ways. You shouldn't have to compromise your self-esteem and sacrifice a level of happiness and harmony in a relationship because of him. Leave him by himself to instagram-stalk his taken ex who is enjoying another man's cock.

Nothing kills the joy of a relationship like that nagging feeling that your boo still isn't totally over his or her ex. Whether you found him scrolling through her IG feed, or doing something even more side-eye worthy, these behaviors might even leave you wondering But honestly, any behavior that's giving you a gross feeling in the pit of your stomach is enough to consider re-evaluating your relationship status. It's not exactly fair to expect him to completely shut his ex out of his life—unless she's very clearly still warm for his form—because that's not cool. But if they're talking all the time it's not out of the realm of possibility that he still has feelings for her.

Does Your Boyfriend Look Up His Exes on Facebook

Your partner's ex. Yes, her. Even though it's been a while since they broke up, you can still feel her presence haunting you. She's in your bed, on your couch when you cuddle up watching Netflix, and even at your brunch dates. You can never truly know what someone you're dating is thinking or how he truly feels. There's no point in being paranoid and reading immense meaning into every single word or action, and doing so can actually jeopardize an otherwise good relationship. That being said, there are some telltale sign that indicate a man isn't over an ex, and if they're present, you might want to proceed with caution to avoid getting hurt. It's normal to talk about past experiences in a relationship, but if he willfully brings her up in every conversation, it's a surefire sign that he hasn't moved on and it's on his mind all the time.

Why does my boyfriend still look up his ex on instagram?

Credit: Bigstock. There she was, in countless photos, cheesing it up. Why was she still on his mind? Instead, he just thought of her out of the blue and curiosity pushed him to take a look at her page to see what she was up to. Nothing more, nothing less.

Last month I was at a Planned Parenthood benefit lunch at the Pierre hotel, making small talk with a fashion designer seated next to me.

The other day, when put out an open call for questions, lots of ladies I like using the word ladies, but I hope you know I do it ironically asked in one way or another what they should do about their boyfriends looking up exes on Facebook. Facebook is one of the weirdest phenomena ever to hit my generation. My generation being people in their thirties — to all you youngsters it's not that weird because you were born with iPhones attached to your brainstems. All of a sudden, you have this incredible intimacy with people you haven't seen in twenty years, some of whom you were never that intimate with to begin with.

20 Subtle Signs Your Partner Misses His Ex



Is This Petty? My Boyfriend Still Checks Up On His Ex On Social Media


May 27, - Does Your Boyfriend Look Up His Exes on Facebook. The other Facebook is one of the weirdest phenomena ever to hit my generation. But basically, if I were going to name the application, I'd call it the ex-girlfriend app.


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