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Do guys look good in skinny jeans

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You know when not to wear jeans, and what brands are worth your attention, and that you can actually, officially wash them please god, wash them. But do you know what your girlfriend, female friends, or random ladies on the street are thinking when they see you in your jeans? They have some thoughts. Here are a few.

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How Your Jeans Should Fit

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Jamie Wdziekonski from OhJamie. Skinny jeans on men have not had a good name. Perhaps it comes down the reason some believe that humans are on their earth — reproduction. What possible advantages could skinny jeans give to its wearer?

But of course, fashion has never been about advantages of health, or safety. Why did women in ancient China bind their feet? Why were Victorian women wearing corsets that bruise their ribcage? Jamie Wdziekonski, photographer and fashion blogger behind OhJamie.

Straight cut or loose fit jeans make my legs look big and chunky. I guess it also in a roundabout way ties back to the whole androgynous look? Perhaps it is a trend that turned into an everyday fashion look thanks in large part to the needs of the youthful guys and creative men who wear them. You can also follow HommeStyler on Twitter or on Facebook.

Only trendy man wear or like skinny jean, the tightest you wear the trendy your are. In future tight narrow skinny jean not just only for women. I love skinny jeans — the tighter the better. If you have the confidence to wear them the do it! But hey, if the new generation wants to look like a bunch of sissy girls then go ahead with the skinny jeans.

If you are having problems finding skinny jeans for guys, check out 20jeans. As a guy who is moderately fashionable self-proclaimed , I like a slimmer cut in my jeans, shirts, and suits. I think slim is here to stay! I think actually, its probably down to personal tast. Im a middle age man, but always wear super skinny jeans, not only do i feel good in them, but they are comfortable, and i frequently get asked where i bought them.

Maybe the people against are afraid, or maybe fell inadeqite in some way, or maybe just dont have the body for them, or the courageto try them. Personaly, they are comfey, i feel good in the tightest jeans around, but most importantly, I wear ski tight jeans because i want to.

Just like Jo blogs wears that shirt, or those baggy builder jeans. Long live the skinny jean. Im at my ideal BMI body-mass index. Love to hear feedback. Kyle, I work at American Eagle Outfitters and we carry all mens jeans from skinny to relaxed. Go to your AE and check it our or at aeo. Well, its the sign of the times.

Women are becoming more like men, and men are becoming more like women. Buy some pants that fit and let your bo jangles breath. Tired of walking behind someone, thinking its a female, and then the person turns around and its a guy. I agree with Rob. I feel good in them and they are comfortable. I Personaly, think they are very comfortable, I feel good in the tightest jeans around, but most importantly, I wear skinny tight jeans because I want to and they make me look skinnier and not overweight.

The looser the jeans, the more I look like I gained weight and am a little flabby. And I say If you wear skinny jeans right you will not have health problems like many people are saying comes from wearing skinny jeans. I wear skinny jeans all the time and have not had any problems at all with my body.

Long live the skinny Jeans! I am an older guy and love to wear skinny jeans and Hot Topic in particular. I am over 60 years of age and still think they feel and look great.

Not gay either. Who cares what people want to wear? If they feel comfortable in skinny jeans how does that affect you? Let your gender stereotypes go. The first image on the top left — guy with his back to you, is about as good as it gets — perfect legs for the perfect skin tight fit — not broom pole skinny or work out muscular but with a bit of shape.

Wear the tightest jeans your confidence will allow. Girls jeans with a bit of stretch are just fine for me. I too am an older guy who loves skinny jeans over 60 body weight of 67 kg, and height.

I like to mix at time with tee shirt in summer, and even high heels. Skinny jeans and heels look and feels awesome on a guy. Disgusting that society accepts men wearing skinny jeans. I wear skinny tight jacket and pants for riding motorcycle at high speed. We kind of have a love affair with Zimmermann.

Who else can make beautiful swimwear that is not too sexy, just a little sporty…. We would love to know what you think of men who wear skinny jeans — share your thoughts below. By Arthur Chan with Helen Lee. Bio Latest Posts. You may also like. May 4, at pm. June 22, at pm. June 30, at am. Mike says:. August 7, at pm. GuileWilliams says:. August 8, at pm.

Corey says:. August 15, at pm. Rob says:. August 21, at am. Kyle says:. August 25, at am. August 27, at am. OMega says:. September 26, at pm. Steve says:. October 4, at am.

Redau says:. October 12, at am. Troy T says:. October 17, at am. To the above poster says:. November 9, at am. Henry says:. November 18, at am. BlackSheep says:. November 27, at am. December 4, at am. January 1, at am. February 3, at am. March 13, at pm. More Stories We kind of have a love affair with Zimmermann.

Men Should Only Wear Skinny Jeans

In , I had a meeting with the leading fashion trend-forecasting group WGSN, where the headlining conversation was around carrot top jeans being the next big thing. First I questioned what they were, and when receiving the answer, asked 'why on earth? The dilemma with fashion trends today is much of it is aimed at the youth market, and gentlemen looking to refresh their decade-old wardrobes get caught between a rock and a hard place when discerning a trend or an appropriate garment for their age.

Why is this a bad look? Because you lose the shape of your body in that volume of fabric. It makes your legs look bigger and fatter than they actually are.

Jamie Wdziekonski from OhJamie. Skinny jeans on men have not had a good name. Perhaps it comes down the reason some believe that humans are on their earth — reproduction. What possible advantages could skinny jeans give to its wearer?

Say NO To Skinny Jeans | 3 Reasons Why Men Should Not Wear Tight Pants

Answer: yes! Opt for denim that features higher cotton content to give you structure, but make sure it has a small percentage of spandex to provide flexibility for sitting and bending. Avoid super stretchy fabrics that tend to cling to your skin. Stylist Tip: Pass the pinch test: Pinch your jeans at the thigh; you should be able to hold some fabric between your fingers. Thinking about what you love to do in your downtime or where you plan to wear your skinny jeans will help you decide which wash to choose. Good news: Virtually any shoe style pairs with skinny jeans. Wearing them with your go-to sneakers or boat shoes? Opt for a pair that hits below the ankle and at the top of your shoe. In general, clothes that have a closer fit emanate a more polished and refined overall look.

Skinny Jeans Aren’t Just For Punk Rockers; Here’s How To Wear It With Style & Class

Their popularity has fluctuated over the last six decades, but all the current evidence points towards men's skinny jeans being here to stay. However, it hasn't been plain sailing for what is now a staple item in most men's wardrobes. The popularity of skinny jeans has dipped in and out of both fashion and favor with consumers and fashion designers alike. Slim fitting denim first became popular in the s with the birth of American rock n roll music and was made popular by icons like Elvis and James Dean. By the '60s they had become a firm favorite among musicians such as The Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan.

I have multiple reasons behind this, so I thought I would turn it into a blog post. Skinny jeans on men , for me, are the best fit.

Finding the right pair of jeans is pretty much impossible. There's so much to consider: the fit and your build , the level of distress , which pairs can be worn to which occasions, and if they'll need altered. It's all enough to give you a headache so severe that you give up shopping entirely. Your heart rate probably just went up reading this, let alone actually doing it.

Should men wear skinny jeans?

Jeans for Skinny Guys. Jeans have successfully conquered the world. Yes, you heard it right!

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Should Men Wear Skinny Jeans??

But sadly, there are guys who feel like that's okay. Just how uncomfortable can those trousers be? Their build involves a lowering of the crotch area — which makes your legs appear shorter than they are. And less masculine too. To make matters worse — the pockets of men's skinny jeans are really just for show. They're a mere design feature.

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Jeans For Skinny Guys – 15 Ways To Wear Jeans For Skinny Men


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