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The Midwifery Council does not employ or recommend midwives, we do hold the Register of Midwives. Simply type in the name of your midwife, and the Register will show if they have a current practising certificate and other information such as their qualifications and any conditions on their practice. In New Zealand, registration is for life, so midwives remain in the Register even when they are not practising. This is a good option.

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Where to find a midwife

Information about changes at hospitals and health centres can be found at www. Last updated: 14 May Updated - effective from 14 May until further notice. Last updated: 29 April The following level 2 visitor restrictions are in place for all Canterbury DHB health facilities:. Specific and detailed visitor restrictions that apply to each hospital are available on our COVID page.

During your pregnancy you will usually have an ongoing relationship with a midwife, who will likely work with you from early pregnancy until up to six weeks after the birth. It is important to find a midwife who you like and trust, because you are going to be seeing a lot of them. Community midwives or lead maternity carers LMCs provide care in a health clinic or your home, and can also assist with home births.

Core midwives work in hospital and birthing units to care for you and your baby while you are in the facility. They work with your LMC. Find out where to find a midwife or lead maternity carer LMC who suits you.

Print this page. Is this page useful? Yes No. Is there something wrong with this page? The following level 2 visitor restrictions are in place for all Canterbury DHB health facilities: Visitors will be screened and asked to provide contact details upon arrival Visitors who are unwell or have suspicion of COVID will not be able to enter Aged residential care: no visitors, however, family visits for Palliative care.

Care that you receive if you have an advanced, progressive illness for which there is no cure. The aim is to manage pain and other symptoms and to help you have best quality of life you can. It may be provided in your home or in a hospital or hospice.

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Information about changes at hospitals and health centres can be found at www. Last updated: 14 May Updated - effective from 14 May until further notice.

This page has a list of questions that you can ask that may help you to choose your midwife or specialist doctor. This is important for your health and for your baby.

This page location is:. Sign In. Health Services. Finding a Midwife and Antenatal Care.

Finding a Midwife and Antenatal Care

Ideally, see them before you are 10 weeks pregnant so you can arrange the tests you will need during your pregnancy. Every woman in pregnancy should have an LMC, who will monitor your wellbeing and how your baby is doing. See the links above. This may be a midwife or obstetrician. The DHB fluctuates between 35 and 45 LMC midwives; currently there are 36 community-based case-loading midwives with primary access agreements providing lead maternity care. They care for women and their families from the beginning of pregnancy up to six weeks after the birth. This is a free service paid for by the Ministry of Health if you are eligible.

Find a Midwife

If you are unable to find an LMC midwife, preferably contact us via our online form or if needed phone us on Find MW Leave a message and we will ring you back. If you know your NHI hospital number please state it when contacting us. You may register with an LMC as soon as you become pregnant. You may also receive first trimester care up until the 12th week of pregnancy from a GP, even if they are not your LMC.

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Welcome to the official site of the New Zealand College of Midwives, the professional organisation for midwives. The College is governed by a National Board comprising a number of nominated and elected representatives from throughout New Zealand. As a member of the College you have the opportunity to contribute to all the representations the College makes to government, health organisations, consumer groups and the public.

Thousands of women unable to find midwife for Christmas holiday births

When you first look for a midwife, it can be confusing as midwives are all different. However, there are certain qualities that you should look for in a midwife and these are described below. You can find out about midwives available in your area by visiting the Find Your Midwife website.

Eddy said Waikato, Auckland and rural areas were particularly affected. Local authorities put a pooling system in place to address the shortage, but hospitals around the country are also facing midwife shortages. More and more women will be unable to find a midwife if this crisis is not urgently addressed," she said. A friend recommended her midwife, but she initially said no too. She took pity on me and agreed to take me on. She was just running rampant.

Finding a midwife to be your lead maternity carer

It can be a little overwhelming, but River Ridge East Birth Centre can help with your birth, from start to finish. Midwives are specialists in pregnancy and childbirth. They complete a three-year degree known as the 'Bachelor of Midwifery' in order to gain the knowledge, skills and experience they have to provide safe and professional midwifery care. Midwives practice in different settings. They work in the community and provide birth care at home, in maternity facilities including River Ridge East Birth Centre, and in hospitals.

Jul 24, - It's important that you feel comfortable with the person who will care for you during your pregnancy and when you are having your baby. Find.








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