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SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Watch What Happens When Dr. Phil Connects With A 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend'

We Got Some of Our Ex-Boyfriends and Girlfriends to Review Us as Lovers

My goodness! Perhaps Rebecca is over that obsession now? Maybe she will finally stop and focus on herself? Is this a true turning point or will there be Josh Chan-related backsliding? Fingers crossed for our plucky hero! Paula gets the spotlight in this episode as it centers a few of the unresolved issues in her past that are holding her back.

Jeff is sweet, likes cars, and is still interested in her. In the end, she realizes that she truly loves her husband and kids rather than viewing them as a chore.

Her love is not a default, but neither is her emotional labor. Seeing it all in a smart, funny, adorable show that I love definitely makes me personally feel like less of a disaster. The last piece of this episode was Darryl breaking up with White Josh.

They were like the gold standard relationship for this show, but they have the gold standard breakup too. This show is always a little strange to watch for me. When the characters have personal and emotional issues they acknowledge them, they talk through their problems, and they work hard at fixing them.

There is no better way to say that two people in a healthy relationship need to be equals. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend always emphasizes that anyone can change if they want to and they try hard enough which is something that everyone needs to hear. Read all of our reviews of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend here. Read our reviews of more of your favorite shows here. Dana is a digitization archivist by day and a masked pop culture avenger by night. She spreads the gospel of science fiction and fantasy wherever she goes.

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She is saying goodbye to Tyler Darkness and hello to her dream reality. When the music starts playing and Dr. Akopian gets up from her chair I know she is going to get a song and my fist is in the air! I am also cheering and screeching joyfully. I love Dr.

My goodness! Perhaps Rebecca is over that obsession now?

Sign In. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend — Hide Spoilers. Clever, hilarious, original, refreshing.. I can't wait to see each episode every week.

Review: ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ finishes strong through reprises

The A. Shop Subscribe. Club's TV experts. TV Reviews. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend departs as its best and truest self: with honesty, heart, and a poop attack. Allison Shoemaker. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend plays with perception, perspective, and frames-per-minute in an excellent hour. One great love disappoints Rebecca, but another steps up on a quietly affecting Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

Losing Her Mind: “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” Ends with Hope

The low-key and sober finale of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend suited a show that was always knowingly at war with itself. This was a nifty example of a show eating its cake and having it too. It felt optimistic yet psychologically credible. But at the same time, the finale gave the audience a taste of fantasy wish-fulfillment. It says that happiness is possible for troubled people if they work hard on understanding themselves and figure out how to identify and thwart their worst tendencies, but at the same time, it shows its heroine barely starting the next stage of her life.

My experiences with last seasons for personal favorites in television have not been great, so I was nervous and disappointed about the end to a TV gem that I had just discovered. Sound crazy?

Another masterful episode from the deeply aware Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. The season is just getting started. Still, it feels like a love-filled goodbye letter to the West Covina crew. Each episode has a resolving tone, taking on the issues Rebecca has struggled with in the past.

Drama or damage? The very real issues with ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’

Illustrations by Sam Taylor. Last week, you might have read about the man who asked his ex-girlfriends to rate him as a boyfriend so he could post the reviews to Tinder. The idea was that potential matches would see the ratings, realise this guy was a bit of a laugh, swipe right and maybe have sex with him at some point in the near future. Instead, it seems that the guy's now on the road to getting back together with one of the exes he forgot to contact for his Tinder ploy.

In the sea of reboots and movie-to-TV adaptations nobody asked for, the show promised something fresh, original, and new. To find a new life. Oh yeah, and her beefcake ex-boyfriend who savagely dumped her at summer camp ten years ago just happens to live there. In the first episode alone we see the protagonist having a panic attack and spilling her medication on the sidewalk. As it goes on, the musical numbers often discuss her symptoms of anxiety and depression, culminating in the eventual diagnosis of borderline personality disorder in season three.

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Who exactly was being made fun of? That was Season 1. It was behavior straight out of a romantic comedy but warped enough to hint at something more extreme. Rebecca was warm and clever. She was loving and funny. The songs we heard were manifestations not just of her emotions but of her wit and passion. But she was also depressed, anxious, and empty—a self-centered drama queen and drama-club queen whose moods swung wildly, harming the people around her.

Apr 5, - The CW musical comedy Crazy Ex-Girlfriend ends happily ever after, but without a knight in shining armor anywhere in sight.

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CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND Review: “Getting Over Jeff”


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