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How to look for a job in france

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With the world increasingly globalized, more companies in France are opening up to people without excellent French language skills. Some multi-national companies work primarily in English in order to compete, while certain industries cater specifically to Anglophones. In fact, it can take a year or more to land a job in your industry. Still there are many expats here who have made it happen, including myself. As a journalist, I am lucky France 24 English exists because my French will probably never be good enough to compete with native speakers.

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Finding a job

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Our team of experts is ready to help you find a home abroad, move your household goods, and settle into your new country. The social security system and benefits in France are just a couple of reasons why working in France is appealing to expats. Our guide gives you the inside scoop on this plus how to find a job in France, what you need to know about the French business culture, and even how to become a freelancer.

Need to move abroad? Organizing an international relocation is not something you should do on your own. As expats ourselves, we understand what you need, and offer the essential services to help you move and live abroad easily. Contact us to jump start your move abroad! With , vacant positions jobs such as machine operators, butchers, carpenters, and computer engineers, this could mean good news for skilled expat workers.

If you do manage to find a job France, social security benefits will make it all worth the effort. So, from social security to the average salary, minimum wage, business culture, working days, working as a self-employed person, parental leave, and everything else in between, this guide gives you all the information you need on how to find a job in France.

On this page:. Want to know how to get a job in France as a foreigner? Below are some recommendations and best practices to help you get started. If you are from outside of France, you will need to make sure you meet all the requirements for working in France. This means you may need a work visa and residence permit. To find out if you are first eligible to work in France, check out our Visas and Work Permits section of the guide.

Before you apply for a job in France, make sure your CV is relevant and up-to-date with all your current details. From here you will want to make sure that it is a France-style CV to increase your chances of getting hired. If the job you are applying for was posted in English, you might be fine sending your information in English but in many cases, expect to have your CV translated into French.

The French typically expect a cover letter as well which will also need to be written in French. In any case, it is best to have your documents in your native language as well as in French to be on the safe side. A good tip, especially if you are not a native French speaker, is to ask a native French speaker to look over your CV and cover letter to make sure there are not any errors.

References are not required in either document. If you are wondering how to get a job in France as a foreigner, the internet should be your first place to go. Below are some relevant job search websites to get you started on your search:. Networking is an excellent way to get a job in France.

Here are a few networking tips that could be useful:. This information is followed by the projet professionnelle section, where you summarize your qualifications. Include the name of the company you worked for, sector, job title, and bullet points of your primary responsibilities.

Then you will move on to the next part of your CV which is your formation education where you will list your educational details, achievements, certificates, and any other relevant training you may have had. Specify any French language courses you have taken or are currently enrolled in to show you are proactively trying to improve this skill. Your cover letter should be short and concise — this means no more than lines.

Talk about specific work examples that highlight why you are the right fit for the job. This stage of the job process can be nerve-wracking, where you can expect to attend up to four interviews in some cases, but at least you can congratulate and be proud of yourself for making it this far. With a few interview tips, you will be well on your way to landing your dream job in France.

Alternatively, many expats abroad take on jobs as au pairs, English teachers, or positions in the tourist industry. The internet indeed is the best way to get a job in France as a foreigner, especially if you have yet to arrive in the country. Here are some relevant job search websites for au pair and English-teaching positions:. The minimum wage in France, the second largest EU economy, is 1, France has one of the highest average salaries in the EU, but unemployment rates remain above the EU average.

Nevertheless, France is expected to experience job growth in some sectors from now until , as per Skills Panorama. The industries currently dominating the employment market are health and social care, wholesale and retail trade, and manufacturing. The most in-demand jobs are expected to be in construction, followed by the accommodation and food sector, and professional services.

For a look at how much they pay, see the table below. For the time being, while there will be jobs for high skills workers such as researchers and engineers, it is the low skill level positions that will experience the fastest growth. Professions with the most significant number of job openings are cleaners and helpers, office associates, sales workers, science and engineer technicians, and teachers.

Under the French micro-enterprise regime, anyone wishing to set up a small business or work as a freelancer can do so, as long as they meet all the necessary requirements. This is the best system to get started working as a self-employed person in France, but it has its limitations too. There are certain thresholds which your business earnings cannot exceed. If so, you will have to switch to a different system. Our tax article covers this in more detail. This status is not an option for real estate agents or lawyers.

You will need to go to the appropriate one to properly register and fill out this form. Also, if your business is one of the occupations regulated by the French government , such as veterinarians, hairdressers, accountants, builders, or wine dealers, you will also need to register with the appropriate organization.

Be prepared to show all your qualifications, experience, and insurance. Self-employed workers in France need to complete a mandatory day training course covering how to run your own business. There are other optional courses as well for those wishing to set up commercial and industrial businesses. Once you have correctly registered your business, you will be sent a unique 9-digit ID number called your SIREN, proof that your company is officially and properly registered.

If at any point you want or have to close and shut down your business, there is an online form to fill out. Top self-employed jobs in France include occupations such as craftsmen, journalists, and translators.

You sign a contract with an umbrella company who essentially becomes your employer, and they handle all of your self-employment paperwork. You are still responsible for finding your own clients, but your invoices and payments are processed by the company. This system works best for those planning to work as writers, web designers, translators, in telemarketing, consulting, IT, or remote, home-based work.

Similar to a portage salarial , you sign a contract with the co-operative, and they handle all your accounting. Self-employed workers are covered for health, family allowances, pensions, but for unemployment or sick pay, self-employed workers will need to take out separate coverage. They will send you bills for your contributions.

But there are some self-employed benefits in France to keep in mind. Some examples are a 2. This government plan to help self-employed workers was presented in late Business is done in a very straight-forward manner with executives focusing on developing long-term relationships with business partners. The French are known for not taking any high risks when it comes to business. Working days in France are Monday to Friday, 35 hours per week. Quality and stylish business attire are appreciated.

Men are usually in suit and ties, while women are expected to dress in conservative dresses or pantsuits. Color palettes tend to be dark. Follow business etiquette tips listed below, and you will be sure to make it in the French business world. Before any meeting, it is crucial you make an appointment. The French do not take too well to unexpected visitors.

Do your best to arrive on time, but if you are running five minutes behind, this is usually okay and tolerated in France. Meetings tend to follow strict agendas with little room for small talk.

Make sure you have relevant and important things to add to the topics of discussion during the meeting. When it comes to decision-making, the French do not like to be pressured into deciding anything quickly. Therefore, try not to be too pushy with your sales tactics. This will only make everyone feel flustered and aggravated. If it is an important decision, it probably will not be made in the first meeting anyway. Gift giving to fellow associates is not necessary.

If you would like to show your business partners and co-workers appreciation, it is better to invite them to dinner or host an event. The only time when presents are expected is during small social gatherings. Some examples of appropriate gifts are wine, liquor, dessert, fine chocolate, or flowers. If you are wondering how to get a social security number in France, it can be obtained by either one of two ways: by you or your employer. If you are employed in France, it is usually easiest to let your HR department request your France social security number on your behalf.

The process may also be speedier this way. This is essentially your ID number and represents your affiliation to the French social security scheme. You will need this number for many administrative procedures while in France.

The answer is yes. So long as a foreigner is legally residing in France, with the proper documentation, and has been for more than three months, they are eligible. You will be asked for numbers and information you may not have yet such as social security number — leave that section of the form blank.

Once you have all your paperwork completed and documents gathered, you can either mail them in or apply in person at your local CPAM office. You will first receive a permanent number usually within three weeks which you can use to get reimbursements.

9 Tips for Finding Work in English While Living in France

There are many ways for foreign graduates to find work in France. Depending on your nationality, you may not need a temporary resident permit. Foreign students from a country in the European Union, European Economic Area or Switzerland may stay in France to look for work after they graduate.

Take advantage of the hundreds of app-based jobs in France with AppJobs: find your city, choose your job, sign up and start working and earning. Making money through your phone has never been easier.

Our team of experts is ready to help you find a home abroad, move your household goods, and settle into your new country. The social security system and benefits in France are just a couple of reasons why working in France is appealing to expats. Our guide gives you the inside scoop on this plus how to find a job in France, what you need to know about the French business culture, and even how to become a freelancer. Need to move abroad? Organizing an international relocation is not something you should do on your own.

Work in France: Finding an English job in France

Whether it was the rich culture, the amazing food or the perfect climate that attracted you, France is one of the most refined and beautiful countries to work in. As an English speaker who wants to work in France, it is important to be well informed to make your job search smooth and successful. An English job is hard to find, but follow these 5 steps and you will be working in France in no time! Have you found your accommodation yet? Job prospects for English speaking students and professionals will be limited so be open to explore jobs you would not otherwise consider. This can be an opportunity to make contacts and pick up some French, both of which can help you land your ideal job! The main ways of finding work in France are through search engines , local media particularly free small ads papers and local job centres.

Working in France

It might take a while. The path might not be linear. Curious about how to find a job in France or elsewhere? Here are my tips on how to find jobs in France for foreigners! After my teaching assistant contract was over back before Tom and I were married, I was looking for ways to legally stay in France and work.

Find jobs in France with these tips: where to look for jobs in France, the in-demand jobs, the state of the job market, and French work permits. If you want to find a job in France , speaking French is important.

Are you new in France? Have you planned on spending a lifetime there? If yes, then this post could be for you.

How to find a job in France and why it’s not impossible

If you have worked in the EU prior to arriving in France, bring them your U1 form which can entitle you to unemployment pay long story and not the subject of this article, but well worth googling. Within a year of working in a French speaking office, they were nearly fluent. Watch French TV, subscribe to French YouTube channels, use French recipe books, and join local associations; yoga, dance, painting, football, whatever your hobbies are, do them in French! Go to your mairie and ask for the list of sporting and cultural associations; some of them even do language exchange and lessons.

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With the sites below, you can expect to get a 0. Nevertheless, I encourage you to give these sites a try as you never know what you will come up with or what connections you can make from a simple e-mail or application. Teaching English is an option. All of the sites below are pretty similar and have a massive amount of teaching English job options. Browse through each of the sites for any teaching English job opportunities in France.

How to find work in France?

France is one of the most desirable places in the world to work abroad as an expat. Not to mention it is one of the most scenically beautiful nations in the world, with sprawling hills and vineyards spanning from the magnificent cliffs of Normandy in the West to the towering Alps in the East. Working in France can truly be the experience of a lifetime whatever your field of interest. There are many places to find work in France, including away from the cities. Living in the rural areas of France and working in a small town or in the countryside can be a sublime experience for expats. France is a large and diverse country, so do your research carefully when determining what kind of environment you want to work and live in.

Find jobs in France! Use our reviews, guides, comparison tool, and program matching services to find the perfect work abroad program for you.

Finding a job in France isn't easy - especially as foreigner. Our job guide provides information about salaries, contracts and working conditions. Look in the classifieds for positions available and post an ad with your details.







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