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Looking for a lady with fangs and a moustache

It comes as no surprise that a film about a distracted man comes across as, well, distracted. If only he could secure the right real estate for his would-be tourist trap, life would go according to plan. Shots of him moving through the crowded city and vast countryside complicate the sense of space within his world. The cinematography leans on its beautiful landscape without justifying its still pace. On his journey, Tenzin is unsure if he is seeing or imagining. The daydreams are overwhelming but only once he is unwittingly told by a monk that he must search out a Dakini to forgive his misdeeds or die within the week do they become detrimental.

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‘You’re my queen for ever and ever’: My search for goddess Dakini in Nepal in the age of #MeToo

It was an international film being shot in Nepal and I had the opportunity to be on the sets of this unique film directed by renowned director , a Buddhist teacher, Rinpoche Khyentse Norbu.

It was a sunny day at Patan in Nepal and we were walking down towards the Sankhamul Bridge from our beautiful boutique hotel. The lanes burst alive with crafts and craftsmen. There were small stupas and temples in every nook and corner.

Patan or Lalitpur was one of the ancient cities of the Kathmandu Valley and the River Bagmati separated the city from Kathmandu, which was apparently earlier compared to the celestial city of Amaravathy, the mythical land of the Devas for its sheer number of beautiful temples. Pottering around, we stumbled upon old ruins of temples and one of them was an ancient Shiva temple.

There seemed to be a bit of bustle as I realized that I had reached the destination and had walked right in time into the film set. Fascinated I watched the opening shot of this international film which is directed by acclaimed Rinpoche Khyentse Norbu, from Bhutan, wh o had directed several famous films in Hollywood that delves into mysticism.

As I watched, the opening shot of the movie was all set to roll. I saw the protaganist, Tenzin, played by Tsering Tashi Gyalithang, Tibetan filmaker and actor entering the dilapitated temple on a bike. His friend was waiting for him inside. Tenzin was an ambitious young entrepreuner who wanted to open a coffee shop in Nepal. His friend, however a traditionalist at heart was not comfortable with the idea. Speaking to Rinpoche later, I learnt that this scene had set the mood for the film.

Speaking to the actor, he told me that everything was mystical and the protaganist went on a journey, which transformed his life.

The movie, which seems to be based on magic realism took you into a different spiritual world. I later had a chat with the Rinpoche who explained how the movie came about. And that was who the Lady with Fangs and Moustache referred to. Yet the simplistic story took you into a deeper realm. Tenzin, typical of every modern and rational man dismissed the superstition and the dream and rubbished the myths and legends. And that was precisely what the Rinpoche wanted to portray through the film. As our lives got more mechanised and modern and our minds were ruled by technology and commerce, we were lost to the world of traditional beliefs and started labelling them as superstitions.

And yet there was truth in this ancient wisdom, in these snippets of myths and legends, in the folklore and stories. There was a deeper connection which could not be explained but only experienced. And that was exactly what Tenzin set out to explore. While he coulld question superstitions and beliefs, he was unable to shake off the inevitable reality of death. Speaking to the Tibetan actor and filmaker, he said that the character had to constantly question what was truth and reality as he delved deeper into his life.

The shot was ready as we take a break. The old temple with bells and pillars and sculptures was in a state of wilderness. Yet there was an energy that radiated through the atmosphere. The movie which haf been shot in Nepal almost portrayed the country as a character. According to the Rinpoche, Nepal was magical and spiritual and the ancient beliefs and traditions were followed by the locals.

The day got hotter as I sipped tea and biscuits and chatted with the crew and cast in between shots. Looking for a Lady with Fangs and Moustache is directed by Rinpoche Khyentse Norbu who has won several accolades for his films in international film festivals. His first film was The Cup which won four awards at four international film festivals. His second film was Travellers and Magicians shot in Bhutan while the third was Vara shot in Srilanka.

His last film was Hema Hema — Sing me a Song while I wait also premiered in several film festivals and like his earlier films won accolades as well. Rinpoche is also a renowned Buddhist teacher and author and his films reflect the profound principles of Buddhism. The Director of Photography of this film is Mark Lee Ping -bing, a renowned Taiwanese cinematographer who has over 20 awards and has over 90 films to his credit.

He has won several awards in international film festivals as well. The film stars Tibetan actor and filmaker, Tsering Tashi Gyalithang as the protaganist. You can read more about the film on their website here. I was invited to Nepal to explore the country and to be on the sets of the film where I got an opportunity to meet the Rinpoche Khyentse Norbu. Your email address will not be published. About Work With Me. Lakshmi Sharath. December 18, Previous Article Dubrovnik Old Town — where fantasy lands Next Article Eight tips to practise mindful travel.

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They each started the month clean-shaven and will become progressively hairier some more than others during our weekly check-ins. We will document their challenges, victories, and awkward patchy stubble along the way. The beginning stage is always the most tragic. My girlfriend hates it.

It was an international film being shot in Nepal and I had the opportunity to be on the sets of this unique film directed by renowned director , a Buddhist teacher, Rinpoche Khyentse Norbu. It was a sunny day at Patan in Nepal and we were walking down towards the Sankhamul Bridge from our beautiful boutique hotel. The lanes burst alive with crafts and craftsmen.

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Morelia Film Fest

When the first movie of this increasingly ridiculous saga began, Mr. Now that Mr. Less artful but more concussive than its immediate predecessor, this latest outing finds Mr. Wick being clocked by strangers every time he enters a room, stalked by his biggest fans, and so desperate for someone who will treat him like an actual human being that he travels all the way to the Sahara Desert to find them. No movie has ever expressed the fight for anonymity with such viscerally literal force. Still, the gist of the plot is pretty simple: John Wick kills a lot of people. Like, a lot of people. Wick fights in a punishingly brutal style that builds on what director Chad Stahelski invented for the character in the previous films. This is a character who appears to know every single language under the sun, but violence is the most expressive part of his vocabulary Reeves speaks maybe words in the entire movie.

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I am in Patan, Nepal, to find a goddess named Dakini. When the seeker is ready, the seer will show up. This is a phrase I have grown up with. The phrase applies to a teacher — when the student is ready, the guru appears or a dakini, in my case.

Kate Erbland. Popular on IndieWire.

When an ambitious, sceptical young entrepreneur faces strange portents of impending death, he is thrust into a mystical world of ancient wisdom and traditional beliefs that points to a special woman as his only hope for life. His desperate search for that woman brings him face to face with his own neuroses and attachments, and with the speed, frenzy, distraction and rational limitations of modern life. And yet that very desperation also brings an awakening that reveals the age-old Himalayan respect for and celebration of the power of feminine energy that is increasingly relevant to our own volatile era. That story is interwoven with sub-plots that both depict the painful ways in which our personal fixations and preoccupations can short-circuit genuine communication, and also infuse a warmth, tenderness, undertone of mystery, and subtle humour into all the characters and their interactions.

Looking For A Lady With Fangs And A Moustache

Fourteen-year-old Vanessa Simons is just like any other girl her agewell, almost. Despite her thin body and long blonde hair, Vanessa has a few characteristics that set her apart like pale skin, giant fangs, amazingly fast speed, and an insatiable craving for human blood. After her parents recognize Vanessas growing inability to hide her vampire identity from her classmates, they enroll her at Monstero Academy, a special school that teaches monsters how to hone their abilities.

In our increasingly mechanized and automated world that frowns on superstition and mysticism, this story shows how vitally relevant our disappearing ancient wisdom and traditional beliefs still are. In particular, the film focuses on the age-old Himalayan respect for and celebration of feminine energy as the most supreme aspect of being. This energy is personified in tantric Buddhism by dakinis who may appear as mysterious living beings who give or take away our life force and guide or ruin our lives. While only realized adepts like the character of O. Though he disparages superstition, Tenzin is suddenly tormented by peculiar and recurring dreams and images that signal his imminent death. The audience will identify with both the character and the paranoid panic that can seize even the most hardened sceptics when faced with the reality of their own death.

Looking for a Lady with Fangs and Moustache

Account Options Sign in. My library Help Advanced Book Search. Marcienne Martin. This book explores the new language of the Internet which offers a middle ground between expressiveness and speed. It also reports on innovative lexicographic practices. Internet users want their written communication to be as fast as that present in oral exchanges; they also want to convey feelings and emotions, and for that they use pictographic symbols. This new system proceeds from the same construction that presided over the establishment of hieroglyphs and ideograms, namely the initialization of semantic fields from basic graphs.

Looking For A Lady With Fangs And A Moustache. Published on 07 October If you've been wondering what Rinpoche has been up to lately, here is a.


Looking for a Lady with Fangs and a Moustache







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