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What do you look for in a company when

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I have experienced a wide array of work environments, ranging from awesome to awful. People want to know about the culture, the opportunities for upward mobility, and the education and training made available to employees. People want to know which companies are the best places to work and what makes them great. Having a job that I love and working for a great company inspired me to figure out what makes a company a great place to work. Here are four of the things to look for when looking for a great place to work:.

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8 Things to Consider When Looking for a New Job

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Liz Centoni. Recently I had the opportunity to talk to a group of students who had a decision to make. They had multiple job offers, a good problem to have, but could only pick one. Hard Choices. My job was to sell them on Cisco.

But it turned out to be more than that. One of the main things that people forget when looking for a career is that yes, a company chooses you, but most of the time, you get to choose the company.

Start with these 3 things:. Choose a Culture where you will thrive:. Choose a Company that cares about what matters to you and what matters to the company. A place that will invest in you, where you are around other bright people with whom you can learn from as well as a culture that enables success and allows you to pursue your passion.

And it needs to be fun too. This picture is at Grace Hopper Conference a couple of months ago. We had free reign on everything from booth design to hosting advanced tech node sessions to designing demos we wanted to showcase. It allowed us to be creative and have fun and get the end result we wanted despite achy feet from three days of running around the cavernous conference center.

Cisco is a fun place to work! Teams have their own micro cultures and have done many different things from Bollywood dance offs to orchestrating haunted houses on Halloween in various buildings to Dodgeball tournaments to raise funds for March of Dimes. Cisco is also a company that cares for our community.

We care about the world and we take our social responsibility seriously. A company culture that allows you to thrive and aligns to your values sets you up for success while having fun! Choose a company that offers many opportunities. Think about your second or third job and so on and so forth. You should choose a company where you can establish a career trajectory. I thought I would be at Cisco for 12 to 24 months at the most. My mentors and sponsors here played a big role in changing the trajectory of my life and career.

I was encouraged it was more of a sharp elbow vs. And I can continue to do that because Cisco is a company with multiple businesses and technology domains, so the career opportunities are vast and interesting.

If you want to be inspired, choose a company that innovates. Choose a company that thrives on Innovation. You want to belong to a place where you can be at the forefront of technology. In Engineering, we have internal start ups called Alphas. These start ups are focused on disruptive innovation ideas and combine the agility and risk profile of a startup with the resources and scale of a large, resourceful company like Cisco.

Anyone can submit an idea for review and have the opportunity to get funded. Find me on Twitter LizCentoni , or comment below. Thanks for the tips, Liz. I have shared your blog across a number of my social networks, so it may drive some questions your way. Great points Liz! These are relevant for existing employees also. Good talking points for sync up meetings. Hi Liz, Good article and career tips. Murilo, I agree, its not common. But you have the gems like Cisco and thats why you have to think through what matters most to you and does the company offer that.

Btw, like your adds. I fully agree with Liz. I also completed 15 years within Cisco and changed many roles. We own our career and need to choose wisely. Thanks Liz for sharing the wonderful tips! Great words Liz! I definitely agree with you. Cisco is a big company, that is flexible in letting people explore multiple career paths. Nice pictures! Great blog. I loved being a part of Grace Hopper — and Cisco did an excellent job of portraying the fun side of engineering.

Awesome blog, Liz. You nailed it! Culture, Opportunity, Innovation! After almost eight years at Cisco when I look back each year was filled with challenges and growth. Cisco has a culture where I have been able to move from Systems Engineering, to Technology Architecture Marketing, to Product and Solutions Marketing while allowing additional opportunities to work on amazing stretch projects such as Grace Hooper.

Cisco is an amazing place, with brilliant people, where I have been able to collaborate, develop and grow, and make my mark on the world. I am excited to see what is next! The pace of change is fast and faster! Be the Change to fuel Innovation. Cisco is a very accommodating work environment, despite the demands.

At Cisco, people matter, as individuals with lives that include careers. That is rarer than you might think. Janet, totally agree. Its hard sometimes to think beyond the next few months.

Thanks for calling that out. Indeed — Liz, you nailed it…. I have been at Cisco nearly 16 years now…. Having an open mind, embracing new ideas, having a can-do attitude, and learning from every challenge that comes our way…all contribute to both a fun day at work everyday and a career that is fulfilling!!

Hey Liz, the culture that allows to experiment, take risks , innovate , and grow is very attractive. Great blog Liz! Your words echo my career path at Cisco as well. We are lucky to have a role model like you at Cisco. Liz you delivered such an inspirational message here. As I complete my 15th year at Cisco, now I feel privileged to have had multiple careers at Cisco with progress, and never valued it before until I read your blog today.

I am so proud of Cisco!!! Great message Liz! Cisco is not one company. There are so many paths and opportunities at Cisco, it truly is the best place to work! Thanks for sharing!! Thank for a marvelous text Liz! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this great blog Liz! You truly inspire new grads like me!

Absolutely powerful and WISE message! Great to have inspiring role models like you Liz! Cisco is a dying company. Leave Cisco as soon as possible. Its not fault of its employees but its management doesnt really respect its employees. I suppose there are bad managers everywhere. My manager is also the best I have ever had in my 16 yr IT career of which last 2 are here with Cisco. I am an SE2 and have been given the ability to grow as much as I want. Life is what you make.

Great article for young people. Diversifying is the name of the game as there are no secure jobs for life. The more skills you acquire the greater chances of securing future roles. Good Luck. Cisco is is a great marketing company.

3 Things to Look For When Choosing a Company

From company culture to opportunities for growth, there are several things you should keep in mind when deciding between potential employers. One of the most important things to consider when researching potential employers is how their values align with yours. This is because working for a company is about a lot more than just the hours you put in each day. Many employers list cultural fit as the most important thing they look for when interviewing candidates, and you should put this at the top of your list too. The average American spends around one-third of each weekday at work , so having co-workers you get along with is a key part of being happy at your job.

Salary, work hours, position responsibilities, and long-term career development are all important factors when deciding on a company. However, candidates may often overlook culture fit—a crucial piece to the hiring puzzle! In fact, a survey found that 71 percent of participating employees were willing to take a pay cut for their ideal job.

Top 10 qualities and responses to look for when interviewing a potential job candidate. When you have a key position open in your organization, you want to fill it as soon as possible with the best person you can find. You write a detailed job description, search through and find the best resumes , check LinkedIn profiles and, eventually, you narrow down your list to the top candidates. As you prepare to interview these potential employees, however, it is essential to look beyond the technical skills of each candidate. In fact, those so-called "hard skills" are only part of the picture when it comes to finding the right person for the job.

What Makes a Company a Great Place to Work? 4 Things to Look For

When the interviewer asks this question, they are looking for you to list the qualities that you look for in a company. This is different than describing the actual company themselves. A good way to think about answering this question is to presume some of the core line items that may come up if you were to read through a companies mission statement. The interviewer wants to know what you value, what your morals are and how you might be guiding your internal compass. In order to be sure that you are answering with three qualities that are in alignment with the company, be sure that you read through the corporate about page or read through their public mission statements. Inside those pages usually contain some keywords that you can extract which you can utilize to your advantage. This is because the moral compass of most businesses are the same. Some of these qualities are very general, but can provide ample ground for being able to integrate into your answer and have it be accurate.

10 Qualities to Look for in New Hires

What are the traits business leaders should look for in future employees? Based on my own experience as a former CEO and as a board member observing the hiring practices of other leaders, I offer the following advice. Hire people who:. Differentiate themselves from their peers. What has a job applicant accomplished in previous positions that differentiates them from other job applicants?

Job seekers typically go to job interviews expecting the employer to be focused on their experience, education and skills.

From working environment to corporate social responsibility; here are 9 things that graduates should look for when they search for a company. Head to the bottom of the page to tell us what you look for in a company! All of these will be hugely beneficial to you now; and as you progress in your career - so should be top of your list of things to look for in a company. As a graduate, you need to know that there is going to be room for you to grow within the company.

Corporate Values Matter: What Do You Look for in a Company?

Liz Centoni. Recently I had the opportunity to talk to a group of students who had a decision to make. They had multiple job offers, a good problem to have, but could only pick one.

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Turnover and hiring new employees can be both time consuming and costly for businesses. Not only must businesses work to retain as many hard-working personnel as possible, they also work to make good hiring decisions to avoid a loss when it comes to the training of new hires. There are certain qualities companies look for when hiring new employees, which often can be discovered in the first interview. Turnover can be expensive given the investment in training new employees, and businesses do not want to hire someone who does not have potential as a long-term hire. For instance, a candidate with a graduate degree such as an online MBA or multiple certifications would indicate a passion for pursuing learning, professional growth and long-term advancement opportunities. When interviewing candidates, prompt them to speak in detail about their past.

5 most important things to look for when accepting a job in a tech company

Career-changers are inclined towards tech companies for a good reason. Only of the common reasons is that this field offers high salaries. But, it does not mean that you just join a tech company just because you can earn well. Whatever be the position or company you are looking for, the hunting process extends beyond the job description. There are several factors that you should keep in mind including opportunities for growth, company culture, etc. In a recent report by Hired , which has surveyed 3, participants, several aspects have been reviewed and concluded. One aspect of the report focuses on what motivates candidates to accept a job offer from a tech company.

Jul 18, - Sometimes your interviewer will ask you, “What do you look for in a company?” You might be thinking to yourself, what I look for is the company.

Company culture refers to the personality of a company. It defines the environment in which employees work. Company culture includes a variety of elements, including work environment , company mission, value, ethics, expectations, and goals.

So what types of things should you look for in a company? So, companies who foster an environment that encourages exploration and offers mentorship are winners in the eyes of Experience. Try to find a company that will let you do the job that they hired you to do, but will also let you take on other projects that are outside of your day-to-day responsibilities.

Here are eight things to consider while weighing the pros and cons of that new position. Remember that your base salary is just one part of your compensation package. Insurance, retirement contribution and matching, paid time off, equity, bonuses, and more should all be considered—and negotiated—before signing on the dotted line. Not every office job is a 9 to 5.





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