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What happens at the end of the woman in black book

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A young solicitor travels to a remote village where he discovers the vengeful ghost of a scorned woman is terrorizing the locals. In London, solicitor Arthur Kipps still grieves over the death of his beloved wife Stella on the delivery of their son Joseph four years before. His employer gives him a last chance to keep his job, and he is assigned to travel to the remote village of Crythin Gifford to examine the documentation of the Eel Marsh House that belonged to the recently deceased Mrs. Arthur befriends Daily on the train and the man offers a ride to him to the Gifford Arms inn.

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Everything you need to know about The Woman in Black

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Jean tells Eve that a boy named Edward Oaklee Pendergast has lost his parents and his home during a bombing. The boy is brought to Eve, and he doesn't speak a word. The group boards the train to go to the countryside and stay in a home to take care of the children.

During the ride, a military pilot named Harry Burnstow Jeremy Irvine gets in the car with Eve and introduces himself. He presents himself in a charming manner toward Eve and the kids. The group arrives at a village. They come across an abandoned home. Eve enters and encounters a blind man that mutters something to himself. He frightens Eve and sends her away. Next, the group comes to the Eel Marsh House. Jean is displeased with the state of the home, thinking it to be unfit for children to occupy.

Still, everyone settles in. Eve makes sure Edward is comfortable, but he still won't speak. At night, Eve has a vision of herself walking through a hole in the wall that leads her through a hospital room. The beds and floors are covered with hair shavings. She walks past a woman holding a baby, and another woman screaming. Eve spots a crib and walks over to it. She tries lifting the blanket and has a hand grab her face. She wakes up from this and finds herself walking into the basement.

It's dark and quiet. She sees a writing on the wall that reads, "You let him go". The other children play together while Edward stays in the room to draw. The boys go into the room and approach Edward. Tom grabs his drawing and tells him he'll give it back after a game of Hide and Seek.

Tom makes Edward cover his eyes while he counts. Edward goes looking for the boys and walks into a room where Tom locks him in. Edward tries to get out and knocks loudly, alerting Eve. From behind him, the boy sees a dark figure. He sits in stunned silence before Eve comes up and opens the door. She finds Edward simply staring up at the wall. Tom continues to tease Edward by keeping his picture. While the children sleep at night, Tom gets up and walks out of the house. The next day, Jean and Eve frantically search for him and see that the front door was unlocked.

Eve runs to the beach to find Tom lying dead in the sand. The ladies group the children and tell them to stay together at all times. Eve talks to Edward and asks if he saw anything. He hands her a note that says, "She told me not to tell. Eve goes for a walk through the area and finds a tombstone for a child named Nathaniel Drablow.

In the distance, she spots what seems to be a figure. She chases after it but loses the figure. Eve calls Harry and tells her what happened with Tom. He comforts her and helps her investigate.

Harry finds a recording of a voice describing the events prior to the death of Nathaniel Drablow. The speaker claims to have seen the ghost of a woman right before the boy drowned. As they further investigate, Eve finds a note from a woman named Jennet Humfrye, who wrote to Nathaniel before his death, saying that she was his real mother. The boy died two days after she wrote it. She questions how Edward got it, but the boy pulls it away from her. Later, Joyce sees red string going from the stairs to another room.

She pulls it off and walks into the room. She sees the ghostly figure and starts to wrap the string around her neck. Downstairs, Eve is in the basement and is encountered by a blind man like earlier. He starts saying a little rhyme about his friends having eyes and how they died. He tries to lock Eve down there, but she escapes.

Jean finds Joyce before she finishes strangling herself. The group comes together in the wake of this incident. Eve then tells Harry that she once had a child, but he was taken from her after his birth, and Eve never got to see him again.

She thinks that Jennet's ghost is trying to take Edward from her. Jean dismisses Eve's claims and thinks she is responsible for poisoning the children's minds with fear. The lights then flicker and go out. Joyce walks upstairs without being noticed. She enters a room and puts on a mask, suffocating herself before anyone can find her. The adults then find the child dead. The group leaves the house and Harry takes them to a military air station for safekeeping.

They are unable to leave as the planes are fake and the base was meant to be bombed by the Germans as a decoy. Harry admits to Eve that he was demoted after an incident where his crew was killed. He considers himself a failure as a pilot and a man.

Eve comforts and kisses him. Before the group can get to bed, the ghost terrorizes them yet again. They hold hands and repeat a saying to themselves while closing their eyes to not give the ghost any attention. She shrieks frightfully, terrifying everyone. Edward leaves the base and Harry runs after him, just as the fire baskets start going off.

He thinks he spots Edward in one of the fake planes, but it is the vision of a ghoulish child. Harry then finds Edward running toward a pit with a fire basket. The boy falls in and the fire basket explodes. Harry returns to the base with the boy's shoe. Eve breaks down in tears. Eve later notices Edward's drawing and sees a face in the house he drew, next to a woman and a child.

She realizes the boy is still alive, and she runs back to the house. She is unable to catch Edward as he runs toward the lake. The ghost traps her in the house, but Eve breaks through the floorboards and runs after Edward. The boy is walking deeper into the lake toward a cross. Eve calls out to him and reminds him of a phrase he wrote to her about bringing down bad dreams with good thoughts. Edward snaps out of it and moves toward Eve. A pair of hands start grabbing the two of them and pulls them further down into the lake.

They struggle to break free until Harry jumps into the lake and pulls Eve and Edward up to the surface. He stays behind and is pulled into the depths of the lake by the hands, allowing the two to escape. They get back to the shore, and Edward finally speaks, telling Eve, "I'm sorry. Following the end of the war, Eve has become Edward's guardian.

He is dressed up and ready to go into town with her. After she fixes him up, she looks up at something with a sad expression. The two of them leave, and the camera pans back into the house to show what Eve was looking at - a picture of Harry and his crew members. The frame breaks as we get one final look at You can send in your spoiler to other movies by going here.

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Susan Hill: haunted by the Woman in Black

By Sophie Thomas Posted on Apr The spine-chilling play has scared audiences at the Fortune Theatre since With just two cast members on stage, theatregoers have found themselves drawn into every word uttered between Arthur Kipps and the Actor as they try to keep their cool with plenty of ghostly apparitions afoot. First performed as a Christmas ghost story in Scarborough in , the low budget for the performance did not detract from the high-quality performance.

The Suffolk coast. The early Seventies.

So: what did I learn? Apart from the fact that I now need a course of counselling. The core story the film takes some liberties with other details and completely refashions the ending follows young solicitor Arthur Kipps as he travels to the remote Eel Marsh House to sift through the documents of late client Alice Drablow. The woman in black puts in some heart-stopping appearances herself frankly, the black-clad usher materialising silently at my elbow at one point scared the wits out of me.

Up For Discussion: Let’s Talk About The End Of WOMAN IN BLACK

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. This is one uptight narrator. Arthur can't even say that bad weather makes him depressed without mincing around, we suspect with his nose in the air:. My spirits have for many years now been excessively affected by the ways of the weather, and I confess that, had it not been for the air of cheerfulness and bustle that prevailed in the rest of the house, I should have been quite cast down in gloom and lethargy 1. Throughout the whole book, Arthur talks in his very British way about everything, avoiding the fact that he's going through some really rough stuff. There are no expletives, no choppy sentences, no exclamations of despair—just stiff upper lip, even when he's facing down a ghost. We can also see this in the way that he handles his new family when they bring up ghost stories: he deflects like a pro. Instead of explaining to them his horrid past, he excuses himself and goes for a walk.

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T his is a ghost story, so we start with the storyteller. Literary critics rarely use this last term, preferring to talk of the "narrator". But when it comes to hauntings this traditional description is fitting. Arthur Kipps is giving us a tale that he is condemned by his own memories to tell. When the novella opens, he is a man in late middle age, surrounded by adult stepchildren at Christmas.

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Aug 03, PM. I saw the movie and the ending was pretty good. Creepy and stuff. But the problem is I can't figure out what The lady in Blacks true intentions were?

The Woman in Black Analysis

Jean tells Eve that a boy named Edward Oaklee Pendergast has lost his parents and his home during a bombing. The boy is brought to Eve, and he doesn't speak a word. The group boards the train to go to the countryside and stay in a home to take care of the children. During the ride, a military pilot named Harry Burnstow Jeremy Irvine gets in the car with Eve and introduces himself.

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It occured to me that in my last post my mind was more focussed upon comparisons between the Hammer film and the tv adaptation. But how does the new movie adaptation differ from the book? Well, the book begins with Arthur Kipps enjoying Christmas Eve with his family. The talk turns to ghost stories and Arthur becomes uncharacteristically taciturn and walks out of the house. On his rambles Arthur decides that it is time he wrote down the events which have haunted To see a review of the work that gives this blog its title please click here. The story proper begins with Arthur receiving instructions from his employer to go to Eel Marsh House, Crything Gifford to attend to the affairs of the recently deceased Alice Darblow.

The Woman in Black: comparing the film, the book and the play

The Woman in Black is a horror novel by Susan Hill , written in the style of a traditional Gothic novel. The plot concerns a mysterious spectre that haunts a small English town. A television film based on the story, also called The Woman in Black , was produced in , with a screenplay by Nigel Kneale. In , a theatrical film adaptation of the same name was released, starring Daniel Radcliffe. The book has also been adapted into a stage play by Stephen Mallatratt. It is the second longest-running play in the history of the West End, after The Mousetrap. The novel is narrated by Arthur Kipps, the young lawyer who formerly worked for Mr.

The children are seen as ghostly shadows in the grounds of Eel Marsh House, and again at the end in the windows of the train. In both sightings they are wearing.

Every time somebody sees the Woman in Black, a child in Crythin Gifford died a tragic death. The deaths shown in the film are jumping from an attic window, drowning in the sea, drinking lye and being burnt alive. Every time the child dies, the woman is present, however in the opening scene when the Fisher girls die, the Woman in Black is not seen but she is seen there in a clip of it later in the film as Mrs Daily is telling Arthur about the children who have died. The children are seen as ghostly shadows in the grounds of Eel Marsh House, and again at the end in the windows of the train.

The Victims Of The Woman In Black

I mostly enjoyed Hammer's Woman In Black , which did pretty good business at the box office this weekend. It was a very old fashioned spook story with a heaping helping of modern day jolt scares that often worked. More than that it was evocatively photographed, and while the lead performance by Daniel Radcliffe was sort of one note watery eyed , he successfully banished Harry Potter from my brain for 90 minutes.

The Woman in Black by Susan Hill






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