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Why do guys want female friends

Please refresh the page and retry. Can men and women ever be just friends? According to one new survey, the answer is a straight no. Social network MeetMe polled 6, of its users and found that more than half of people said they have fantasised about sleeping with their best friend of the opposite gender. The numbers seem pretty damning. Yet could the truth be more nuanced?

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Friendship for Guys (No Tears!)

As someone who has had some serious trust issues and questions about what a boyfriend has thought about his female friends, I can tell you it sucks to wonder. That feeling just nags at you constantly, what do guys think of their female friends? When she texts him you worry, when he is out with his friends, is she there? Whether there is a logical reason for your paranoia or not, it is always in the back of your head. You want to like her and trust her and trust him, but you wonder.

First off, you can. You just have to be careful in your wording. Asking your boyfriend if he likes or is attracted to one of his female friends can be super risky.

If they have a history, it is definitely worth a conversation. But do not accuse him of anything. Are you attracted to every decent looking guy in your life? Probably not. So give him that same benefit. You can tell him you are nervous based on your past or a vibe you got and just want to know the story between them without being accusatory.

Be prepared for some straight up honesty. You might not like what I tell you. In some case it will be reassuring, but in others it can keep you up at night. So be prepared for the truth about what guys think of their female friends. Yes, unless she is half ogre, he likely thinks her attractive. But that is no reason to worry or freak out. You can be attracted to someone without ever acting on it and without having actual romantic feelings.

Unless he is a cheater, he can think someone is hot without acting on it. I hate to say guys are this clueless, but it is true. Some guys literally do not see some of their female friends that way. He may have female friends you are worried about, but he could be entirely clueless to them being attractive. Sorry to break it to you, but it is true. Again, this does not mean he is into her or has any urge to act out these fantasies.

One of his female friends may be wearing a low cut top. And yes, that sucks. So having your guy turned on by someone who is actually in his life is scary. There is definitely a chance he has thought about asking her out in the past. But once you came along, that thought likely left his mind. For some reason, there is always some sort of history or tension between men and women that are friends. Women are not visually attracted to men the same way men are to women.

We need passion or emotion or something to set it off, usually. As much as that seems sexist, it is sort of how their minds can work. So he may think of his female friends totally platonically, but his mind still reminds him that they are in fact women. Whether he thinks of her as hot or not, there is a reason they are friends. Maybe they love the same music or they grew up together. Whatever it is, he thinks of her as a friend that supports him. Yes, maybe at one point he was attracted to her.

Maybe when they met he was hitting on her. But over time that fades. If they are close friends and truly platonic, the attraction he once felt has likely subsided. Since talking to her about bowel movements, chatting about her ex, and whatever else, he may truly just see her as friend.

Try to keep your mind from wondering. Some guys have sisters they go to for girl advice, and some guys have female friends. He may very well depend on his female friends for advice regarding you.

Before getting jealous, be thankful they made him a feminist. Women have a knack for being honest, sometimes brutally so. And some guys need that. Yes, they could go to their mother, but she might tell him that floral Hawaiian shirt works for him. His female friends can be honest about his haircut, fashion sense, and date ideas.

And they have a unique honesty and point of view that his male friends lack. He might like getting pedicures with his female friends. Or maybe they give him an excuse to watch rom-coms without getting shit from the dudes. Or maybe even a few of them? They want to meet your new beau and make sure he has good intentions? Well, his female friends do the same for him, and he is grateful for the help and advice. He might feel bad that he rejected her and remains friends because he hates confrontation.

In that case, you still have nothing to worry about on his end. Nice guys definitely have a tendency to try to stay friends with girls they have rejected, and it can get messy. Before you came along, you might think he was a lost puppy. But someone had to keep him on the straight and narrow.

Someone had to stop him from using cheesy pickup lines and make sure he was respecting women no matter how they dressed. He may think of her as a female Yoda. She guided him through life so he could find you without looking like a total fool. Yes, it is possible a guy is interested in his female friends. Being attracted to a female friend can be harmless. But it is easy for a guy to actually like her too. If they hang out regularly and get along and he finds her attractive, it makes sense.

Obviously, if you are dating him that can suck, but the best thing to do it flat out ask him. What do guys think of their female friends? Lots of things. Just like you do about your male friends. Liked what you just read? E-mail to:. Your Name:. Your Email:. Personalized Message:. By Samantha Ann. Share Tweet Pin It. Samantha Ann My name is Samantha and I am 27 year old.

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The Complicated Psychology of Men Who Only Have Female Friends

Understanding why some men are almost entirely friends with women requires an understanding of why they avoid male ones in the first place. Jared has had primarily female friends ever since he was a teenager, when his family moved to the edge of a rural East Texas town, far away from school, and he spent most of his time hanging out with his cousins, who were all girls. When he finally moved out and worked his way through college as a correctional officer, he still struggled to connect with his male peers at work and in class. But that sounded like a ridiculous chore, and he eventually just went back to being friends with only women. Many men gravitate toward friendships with women for the same reasons people crave human connection in general.

We questioned 13 real men and women to get their candid opinion on whether girl and guy best friends can exist. It's the age-old question that comes up in every rom-com where the guy and girl best friends eventually fall in love: Can men really be just friends with women?

There are many discreet ways of doing this. What company does he or she keep? How do they migrate the putrid waters of social media? What they will and will not put up with, where the lines are. Of course it ended, you think to yourself, he had a poster of Delta Goodrem in his bedroom!

Just Friends? Guys Reveal Sexual Interest in Gal Pals

Making friends is tough for teenagers. Making friends with the opposite sex can be even tougher. Our research, published in the Journal of Personality , suggests empathy may be the key to developing friendships, and may be especially important for young men establishing supportive friendships with young women. We studied almost 2, year 10 students with an average age of We then asked them to list up to five male and five female peers they considered their closest friends. The results were surprising. We found boys received 1.

Beware the man with no female friends

Few other questions have provoked debates as intense, family dinners as awkward, literature as lurid , or movies as memorable. Still, the question remains unanswered. Daily experience suggests that non-romantic friendships between males and females are not only possible, but common—men and women live, work, and play side-by-side, and generally seem to be able to avoid spontaneously sleeping together. In order to investigate the viability of truly platonic opposite-sex friendships—a topic that has been explored more on the silver screen than in the science lab—researchers brought 88 pairs of undergraduate opposite-sex friends into…a science lab.

As someone who has had some serious trust issues and questions about what a boyfriend has thought about his female friends, I can tell you it sucks to wonder. That feeling just nags at you constantly, what do guys think of their female friends?

Sally lists her male friends with whom she is purely platonically interested. It is clear to her that friendship can come without attraction, but Harry disagrees. Trying to make a move on a friend is a balance of risk and reward, and men, more often than women, are attracted to opposite-sex friends , even when both people define the relationship as platonic.

Can Men and Women Just Be Friends? Steve Harvey Says No

Every summer for 25 years, Mark Vasu has gotten together for a weekend getaway with old friends from Duke University. The 15 men, who graduated in , gather in the same cabin in Highlands, N. Male friendships like these are absolutely typical, but don't assume they're inferior to female friendships. Men might not be physically or emotionally expressive, he says, but we derive great support from our friendships.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Steve Harvey on the subject of men having female friends.

What if one person stays in touch with an ex, or has an opposite-sex pal? A study in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology estimated that an opposite-sex friendship can result in an affair as often as 15 percent of the time. Author, comedian, actor and host Steve Harvey tackled this topic with a number of couples. Vanlandschoot, 33, had a female friend who was coaching him in a speaking competition. Marsch, 37, knew about her, but one day saw an e-mail from her husband to this woman and it was signed, "Love ya. Although Marsch says that men and women can have opposite-sex friends, she felt uncomfortable and confronted him.

Why Every Man Needs Platonic Female Friends

By Cosmo Landesman for MailOnline. The one you are absolutely certain has no sexual interest in you whatsoever? That man is a liar. That man is a cheat. He is a con man guilty of friendship fraud. I know this because that man is me. At the age of ten, I fell in love with a girl called Pamela. Too shy to tell her how I felt, we stayed friends right through the hormonal onslaught of adolescence.

Sep 10, - “Men and women can't be friends because the sex part always gets in the way,” says Female observers agreed with the women; they thought that there was less He says 'Do you want us to have less attractive friends?

Can men and women be "just friends? Men report more sexual interest in their female friends than their female friends do in them, and men are also more likely than women to overestimate how romantically interested their friends are in them. In most cases, sexual attraction within a friendship is seen as more of a burden than a benefit, the study finds. Friendship is an interesting area to study because it doesn't have obvious reproductive advantages, Bleske-Rechek told LiveScience.

What Do Guys Think of Their Female Friends? 15 Secrets Revealed

Billy Crystal made the argument long ago that women and men could never successfully become friends. His case in When Harry Met Sally was built on what he argued was a person's inability to trust his or her latent lust, which ultimately sabotages any relationship. As he so eloquently put it: "The sex part always gets in the way. In the almost years since the film's release, a lot has happened in relationships and how we understand them.

Tom, 27, first noticed that his friendships were skewing womanward in college. Friendships between men and women are on the rise in the U. He attributed the reported discrepancy to the subjectivity of relationships, and concluded that an equal percentage of men and women have platonic friendships.

You're brutally honest about our fashion sense more like fashion nonsense, amiright?




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