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Why would a man take estrogen pills

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Researchers have discovered that, just as women go through menopause due to a dramatic decrease in estrogen production, middle-aged men undergo estrogen-related changes in body composition and sexual function. The researchers say that traditionally, when a diagnosis of male hypogonadism has been made — a drop in reproductive hormone levels that are high enough to cause physical symptoms — it has only been based on blood testosterone levels. However, they say there has been little understanding of the levels of testosterone needed to support certain functions. According to the study authors, a small proportion of the testosterone made by men is usually converted into estrogen by aromatase — a type of enzyme. The higher the testosterone level in a man, the more testosterone is converted into estrogen. They add that since men with low testosterone levels also have low estrogen levels, this makes it unclear as to which hormones support certain functions.

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The role of estradiol in male reproductive function

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In transgender men, or trans masculine people FTM , the most common medication used for transition is testosterone. Administration of testosterone via transdermal, intramuscular, subcutaneous, or oral routes lowers serum estradiol levels, raises serum testosterone levels, and results in the development of typical male secondary sex characteristics.

Irreversible changes include: deepening of the voice, increase in facial and body hair growth, clitoral enlargement clitoromegaly , and thickened facial bone structure. Some trans men also describe changes in emotions e. Adverse effects can include elevations in blood pressure, polycythemia, worsening of lipid profile, elevations in glucose, elevations in transaminases, acne, and effects on fertility although testosterone is not an effective contraceptive as it does not interrupt ovulation, so pregnancy can still occur.

Finasteride can also be used to prevent male-pattern baldness in transgender men, as it only blocks dihydrotestosterone DHT , not testosterone itself; however this will likely slow or decrease secondary hair growth, and may slow or decrease clitoromegaly as well. In transgender women or trans feminine people MTF , the most commonly used medications are estrogens and anti-androgens. Administration of estrogen via oral, sublingual, transdermal, intramuscular, or subcutaneous routes lower serum testosterone levels, raises serum estradiol levels, and results in the development of typical female secondary sex characteristics including: breast growth, softer skin, decreased muscle mass, and female-pattern fat distribution.

These effects are largely reversible. Some trans women also describe changes in emotions e. Adverse effects can include increased risk for thrombosis, elevations in blood pressure, elevations in prolactin rarely including development of a prolactinoma , migraines, elevations in transaminases and effects on fertility although estrogen is not an effective contraceptive.

Estrogens will NOT heighten voice pitch, decrease facial hair, change facial bone structure, or reverse male-pattern baldness. Other methodologies would need to be employed e. Anti-androgens i. These medications block the effects of testosterone, resulting in decreased erectile function and allowing estrogen to develop typical female secondary sex characteristics. Finasteride, however, specifically targets dihydrotestosterone DHT , not testosterone, so it is not as effective at lowering total testosterone levels.

GnRH Agonists i. Lupron could also be used instead of Anti-Androgens to block endogenous testosterone production. Lupron is typically given intramuscularly every couple months and is very effective at blocking total testosterone levels. However, it can be difficult to obtain insurance coverage for it, and is otherwise fairly expensive out of pocket.

Progesterones activate the androgen receptors slightly, so may be used to improve libido and mood. Not all transgender patients will want to take medications for gender transition and the risks, benefits and alternatives should be discussed with each individual along with their personal goals for transition to determine the right course.

Follow In transgender men, or trans masculine people FTM , the most common medication used for transition is testosterone. Have more questions? Submit a request. Please sign in to leave a comment.

U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Androgens are essential for male physical activity and normal erectile function. Moreover, estrogens also influence erectile function, and high estrogen levels are a risk factor for erectile dysfunction ED. In this review, we summarize relevant research examining the effects of the sex hormone milieu on erectile function. Testosterone affects several organs, particularly erectile tissue. The mechanisms through which testosterone deficiency affects erectile function and the results of testosterone replacement therapy have been extensively studied.

Estrogen is a hormone that plays various roles in the body. In females, it helps develop and maintain both the reproductive system and female characteristics, such as breasts and pubic hair. Estrogen contributes to cognitive health , bone health, the function of the cardiovascular system , and other essential bodily processes.

Feminizing hormone therapy is used to induce physical changes in your body caused by female hormones during puberty secondary sex characteristics to promote the matching of your gender identity and your body gender congruence. If feminizing hormone therapy is started before the changes of male puberty begin, male secondary sex characteristics, such as increased body hair and changes in voice pitch, can be avoided. Feminizing hormone therapy is also referred to as cross-sex hormone therapy. During feminizing hormone therapy, you'll be given medication to block the action of the hormone testosterone.

Side effects of hormone therapy in men

While its importance is normally attributed to women, estrogen in men plays an important role. As teenagers, men have high levels of testosterone and low levels of estrogen. As they age, testosterone levels in men decrease while their estrogen levels increase. Not surprisingly, high levels of estrogen in men usually correspond to low levels of testosterone. High estrogen levels in men contribute to prostate cancer and heart disease as well as gynecomastia enlarged breasts. As the testosterone is transformed into estrogen the low levels of testosterone can cause many unpleasant symptoms including loss of muscle mass , fatigue , low libido , erectile dysfunction. Furthermore, excessive estrogen in men raises body fat and can contribute to diabetes and high lipids. Testosterone will begin to convert to estrogen in men as they age due to the aromatase reaction. Aromatase is found most prevalently in fat cells, so the more body fat a man has, especially in the midsection, the more aromatase and hence the more estrogen.

Male Hormone Replacement Therapy

Traditionally, testosterone and estrogen have been considered to be male and female sex hormones, respectively. However, estradiol, the predominant form of estrogen, also plays a critical role in male sexual function. Estradiol in men is essential for modulating libido, erectile function, and spermatogenesis. Estrogen receptors, as well as aromatase, the enzyme that converts testosterone to estrogen, are abundant in brain, penis, and testis, organs important for sexual function. In the brain, estradiol synthesis is increased in areas related to sexual arousal.

In transgender men, or trans masculine people FTM , the most common medication used for transition is testosterone. Administration of testosterone via transdermal, intramuscular, subcutaneous, or oral routes lowers serum estradiol levels, raises serum testosterone levels, and results in the development of typical male secondary sex characteristics.

Transgender hormone therapy of the male-to-female MTF type, also known as transfeminine hormone therapy , is hormone therapy and sex reassignment therapy to change the secondary sexual characteristics of transgender people from masculine or androgynous to feminine. Some intersex people also take this form of therapy, according to their personal needs and preferences. The purpose of the therapy is to cause the development of the secondary sex characteristics of the desired sex , such as breasts and a feminine pattern of hair , fat , and muscle distribution. It cannot undo many of the changes produced by naturally occurring puberty , which may necessitate surgery and other treatments to reverse see below.

Everything you need to know about estrogen

If you have symptoms of cancer contact your doctor. Read our information about coronavirus and cancer. Many men find that the side effects are often worse at the start of treatment.

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What is male hormone replacement therapy? Why would a doctor recommend male hormone replacement therapy? What does male hormone replacement therapy involve? What are the side effects of male hormone replacement therapy? In male hormone replacement therapy, a man is given testosterone, the hormone responsible for developing the male sex organs and producing male characteristics such as facial hair and muscularity. Male hormone replacement therapy is most often used to correct the symptoms of male hypogonadism , a condition in which a man's body makes very little testosterone.

What are commonly used medications for transition?

Estrogen is inexplicably absent from the WHO Model Formulary List buy, the list estradiol medications considered by the United Nations World Health Organisation to be essential; however, in the United States and other industrialised nations, at least, various pharmaceutical preparations of estrogen are widely available. In the US, it is available at every where to buy drugs, by the prescription of a buy healthcare estradiol. However, if what buy cialis really want to know is where you can buy estrogen without a prescription, there are buy overseas pharmacies online which will accept orders without a prescr However, if what you really want to know is where you can buy estrogen without a prescription, there are several overseas pharmacies estrogen which will accept orders without a prescription. Importing medications buy the US without estrogen prescriptions is illegal, and packages are checked; however, in general, the US government does not bother about small amounts imported for estradiol use, though they sometimes do intercept and interdict shipments. Their main concern is stopping large-scale trafficking of drugs.

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Estrogen for Male Function: Effect of Changes in the Sex Hormone Milieu on Erectile Function







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